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Tips To Help Save Space When Packing Your Winter Suitcase

We’ve all been there, your going on a winter holiday and that means jumpers and jackets which also means an over-packed suitcase. Here travel experts share with us their top tips to help you save space in your suitcase.

Christmas Winter Suitcase
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We spoke to Kayak.co.uk’s travel expert, Neil Cartwright to ask what he would recommend when packing for a Christmas holiday, here are Neil’s top tips:

1. Make use of your hand luggage

Use your hand luggage to take weight out of your main luggage as it’s primarily limited by dimensions not weight i.e. pack your helmet in with your hand luggage

2. Prepare for when you arrive at your holiday destination

The transfer and lugging around of ski equipment/ suitcases can be a chore, especially when on the other end of your journey there’s going to be heaps of snow. Keep casual from the ankle up but make sure to wear grippy shoes in preparation for the other side (so you don’t slip around in your trainers)

3. Wear your ski jackets

Wear your ski jacket, instead of another coat when you head to the airport. This will help save space in your suitcase but also mean you have it easily to hand when you land in the colder climate

Vacuum Bags Packing
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4. Invest in a few vacuum bags

To help save space when packing your suitcase, use vacuum bags for optimum space and stuff socks and small items into shoes

5. Stop your bag from breaking/bursting open

Winter holidays can mean lots of clothes, which can also mean a heavy bag. Get a bag strap to secure a fully packed bag as an added layer of protection to stop your bag breaking / bursting open

So what else can we do to save space? Oliver Bell, Co-Founder of Oliver’s Travels said:

6. Roll your clothes, don’t fold!

Don’t fold, roll. It’s so effortless yet so effective, simply roll your clothes as tight as possible and stack away. Your clothes won’t crease as much but what you will find is that this hack remains a staple throughout your travels.

Jumper Keep Minimum

7. Keep chunky knits to a minimum

Layers are your friends, not your foe. Chunky knits take up the most room in your luggage, so keep it minimal to just one or two. Then make sure you’re layered up with basic long tees, vests and thermals. Thermals might not be the sexiest but they’re great for providing warmth under your clothes.

8. Wear your heaviest boots on the plane

Don’t overpack shoes. You’ll be wearing boots most of the time, so as long as they’re comfortable, you don’t need much else. If you do sneak in a couple more pairs, just be sure to wear your heaviest boots on the plane.

9. Accessories are a must

Bring enough accessories. You might be anticipating the weather to be semi-manageable, but you won’t really know until you land. Pack two sets of gloves, in case you (or the kids) misplace the first, hats, and scarves. They don’t need to be overbearing, just enough to keep you warm.

Whether you’re heading to your in-laws, folks or friends this Christmas or New Year,  you’ll know you’ve got your packing down to a fine art – Thanks Neil!

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