Tips to save Cash for Christmas

We know it’s still early, however, now is the time to try and start saving those extra pennies to help pay for Christmas.

On the 25th of December, yes we are stating the obvious, Christmas Day will be upon us and this also means the extra added pressure of how to pay bills  and get the best value for your money.

Being skint at this time of the year seems to have become a ritual with many people, some who unfortunately can’t avoid it and others who are simply behind and unprepared!

Below we have put together some tips to try and help you save and budget for Christmas:

1 – Its not just about presents Call us scrooge (we won’t hear of it though!) but its not all about getting presents! If for example Mary buys a £30 gift  for her skint friend Linda, then Linda will feel the obligation to spend around about the same amount.

The solution?

Why not get together and put a cap on how much you spend on each other, which in turn helps Mary save and Linda not to feel obliged to spend what she hasn’t got!

2 – Use your shopping vouchers! Every year companies such as Tesco, Boots, Asda and more offer a form of money vouchers or point reward schemes. You will have noticed Tesco send coupons through your door (every so often) so make sure you use them!

This can help with food shopping over Christmas. Also why not, starting now, build up your points and when the big Christmas food shopping night comes around use them to help get money off. Even though you have spent the money to get the points throughout a few months it helps not having to pay out big amounts at a time!

3 – Start selling old stuff – If you are like us and can pick at least a dozen items which are cluttering your home, the kids bedrooms, or your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, be brutal and start selling them!

Ebay offer FREE listing days where at not cost to you (until you sell them & which they take a small commission for) you can sell off all your old unwanted items. Why not to try and make shopping even more budget friendly and work off only the money you make on ebay.

4 – Curb your life style – Yes we know this is easier said than done however small changes can make a huge amount of difference. Below are some examples of how to do this:

  • Do you buy your lunch and other items before heading to work? Why not make your lunch at home the previous night and take it with you, this can potentially save you a small fortune.
  • How many days to do you treat your child/children? Sit down and work out how many days you take your little ones either out to play parks or events, work out how much (including the petrol money if you drive) this costs and see where you can trim it back.
  • Groceries – Try new products out! after Lidl’s making the headlining news for it being one of the biggest growing supermarkets why not go and give their products a try, they could work out cheaper and tastier! Even trying the cheaper brand of a product such as Asda value beans instead of Heinz can help you save.
  • Do you take a bus everyday to work? or drive? If your work is in walking distance get on your feet and start walking, this could potentially save you around £1 – £2 every single day!

Overall sit down with your family and work out together what you do each week, how much you spend and see where you can alter a few things!

5 – Make sure to get the BEST price for your gifts – This is something we at UndertheChristmasTree are dedicated in bringing you! We like other websites including Money Saving Expert, HotUKDeals and more want to ensure you don’t overspend and get the best possible deal for whatever you want to buy! Here are a few ideas on how to get the best price for buying christmas presents:

Compare Prices,  Yes we know this is obvious to most, however how many times have you said “its only an extra £1, I’ll just get it here”? if you do this a few times a week you could potentially be spending a heck of a lot more than  you initally set out to do.

Comparing prices will also mean you could get a huge savings for example last year a UK Retailer had one of the top toys *coughs* innotab *coughs* at around £80 however this was on offer at *coughs* Amazon *coughs* for around £69.99 plus Free delivery meaning you could have saved £10.99! We at underthechristmastree are dedicated to helping parents get the cheapest prices for all of their kids toys!

6 – Spend now and save later – Toys are notorious for rising up in price come the middle of November and stock then becomes limited and the prices goes up even higher (very unfair, we know!) so why not start buying and putting away just now.

These are just a few easy and hopefully helpful steps to make your Christmas more fun and budget friendly!

If you have any Christmas Saving tip why not share them with others? Comment using our comments box below.

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