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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Virgin Wines Mixed Wine Advent Calendar

Are you an expert on wine? if so, you’re going to love Virgin Wines brand new mixed case advent calendar which even includes a full-sized bottle on December 25th!

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Virgin Wines 2020 Advent Calendar - Mixed Wines
Image credit: Virgin Wines

Whether white, red, port or sparkling wine is your tipple of choice, Virgin Wines brand new advent calendar has got you covered. Here’s what John thought:

“There’s no doubt the best way to experience a whole variety of great-tasting wine is by purchasing a mixed wine advent calendar, and I love to splash out on one every year to see what new wines I may or may not want to treat myself too, it’s also a fantastic way to say to friends and family which bottles you really enjoyed just in case they are “struggling” to find you a Christmas present and I couldn’t wait to tear into every door of the Virgin Wine Mixed Advent.

Virgin Wines 2020 Advent Calendar - Mixed

Again, this year, Virgin Wines have gone all out on its festive design, with a geometric style, the scene shows three reindeers grazing and wandering around a festive forest under a sparkling night sky, there’s even one reindeer pulling a gold sleigh too, I thought this was very impressive and instantly made me feel like Christmas had truly arrived.

Virgin Wines - Reindeer Pulling Sleigh

Each cardboard window has its number emblazoned in gold, so it’s not hard to find the day, however, door number 4 did try and hide from me. I’ll not say what’s behind each door, as that’s the joy of advent, but I’ll give you a quick sneak peek on what 24 (187ml) of premium drinks you can expect.

Eager to open door number 1, I tore it open (be warned this can be a little stiff and may even tear some of the pictures) and hidden inside was a South Australian Winemakers Selection Beneficio Shiraz 2019 Red Wine, which slipped out of its casing nicely so no broken bottles – phew! decanting I had to say this would be one wine I would buy just to show off, at 14% vol it had rich notes of blackcurrant and damson – very tasty.

Virgin Wines 2020 Advent Calendar - Mixed

The rest of the advent didn’t falter, with Sparkling Shiraz NV to Marks the Spot Sauvignon Blanc included. Door 25 had been staring at me from the very beginning so I had no option but to rip it open to see what was inside and I was NOT disappointed, a full-sized bottle of – actually I won’t say as that completely spoils the surprise, however, I’ll pop an image below so scroll away now if you don’t want to see – it is a full-sized bottle of wine, a first for any alcohol advents I’ve seen.

Virgin Wines - Bottles

In terms of variety, design and price (this will cost £89.99 + £7.99 for p&p) I really do feel that this is Virgin Wines best advent calendar yet, especially as it does include that full-sized bottle – I’m off to open another door.”

Virgin Wines Mixed Wine Advent Calendar 2020 will be available to order on November 2nd 2020 or you can reserve for just £10 right now on the Virgin Wines website here.