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Waitrose Aims For Gold As It Reveals Its Christmas Food For 2016

From golden turkeys to sparkly potatoes It looks as though Waitrose are aiming for gold this festive season as it launches what consumers can expect to be eating this Christmas

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Starting with vegetables, because veggies aren’t boring right?…well not this year! Waitrose have launched Xmas inspired veggies from Mulled Wine Olives to Romensco Cauliflower Xmas trees meaning children and adults will be sure to clean their plates on the big day.

The main will be a golden affair with the Golden Turkey with Rosemary Skewered Turkey Stuffing which has a real wow factor with its golden sparkly butter, however if your not so keen on turkey, the Clementine & cranberry glazed side salmon will delight your taste-buds and for vegetarians – it’s Carrot and Beetroot tart tatin is sure to brighten your table.

Going for a a more relaxed day with a buffet? then you wont want to pass up on a Turkey Xmas pudding, figs with creamy mozzarella in a basil infused oil, Christmas dinner layered pie and 12 mini Christmas dinner Yorkshire puddings – just how much Xmas dinner can we have on one table?….

Moving onto our main event of the day – DESSERT! and what better way than to devour a slice of Eggnog tart and wash it away with a piece of red velvet yule log – too much chocolate? then you can slice into one of the icy bauble trio cakes – one made of fruit, another golden sponge and of course another chocolate. Gluten free? no problem you can choose a gluten free fruit cake and mince pies or…both! Last and by no means least sit back and chat to friends with crumbling pieces of Belgium Duvel beer cheese.

Putting a classic twist on the traditional Christmas dinner, Waitrose have added an array of sparkling vegetables to jaw dropping puds but which will come out top? Natalie Mitchell, Head of Brand Development and Product Innovation at Waitrose comments; “From sparkly potatoes, a golden turkey and edible cauliflower Christmas trees, our festive range is definitely set to inspire and excite our customers this year.”

Due in store around October time.  You can visit Waitrose.com by clicking HERE!

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