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WATCH: Christmas Villain – Marv From Home Alone Recreates Tarantula Scene!

Home Alone is a Christmas classic so when we heard that ‘wet-bandit’ Marv recreated one of the most epic scenes from the movie we simply had to watch and share!

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Obviously Marv (played by Daniel Stern) was feeling a little nostalgic when he decided to recreate the terrifying tarantula scene, he even lets out the loud high pitched scream he did after Kevin Kevin McCallister places the spider on his face from the 1990s film.

The footage which will have you giggling Stern says: “Hey you guys, guess what I’ve got in the bucket. I hope I can show you without killing it.” after removing the paper from the red bucket he lets us take a closer look – a massive eight legged spider, just like Buzz’s from the movie which is followed by his iconic scream.

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We’ve watched it once – we cant watch any longer – the spider just creeps us out!

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