Watch: How To Make Christmas ‘Grinch’s Heart’ Rice Krispies Recipe

Watch how to make the ‘Grinch’s Heart’ following our easy recipe. Using Rice Krispies, white chocolate, food colouring gel and two heart shaped cutters.

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What you will need:

2 x 50g of rice Krispies
2 x 150g white cooking chocolate
1 x mixing spoon and brush for edible glue
1 x lined baking tray
1 x edible glue
1 x green gel food colouring
1 x red gel food colouring
Large heart cutter
Small heart cutter

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For the green Grinch Heart:

1. Measure out a bowl of Rice Krispies weighing 50 grams
2. Melt 150g of white cooking chocolate for around 30 seconds or until it has all melted in the microwave
3. Add in the green food gel colouring to the white chocolate until dark green
4. Add in the krispies to the chocolate and stir in until all krispies are covered in the green chocolate mixture
5. On a lined baking tray pour the mixture on to the first half of the tray and pat down to make level using a piece of baking paper

For the red Grinch heart:

1. Repeat the process above for the red Grinch heart but adding red gel food colouring instead of green
2. Pour onto the other half of the lined baking tray pressing down with a piece of baking paper until it is level
3. Place the baking tray into the fridge for around 20 minutes
4. Take out of the fridge and using the larger heart cutter press into the green half of the krispies and place onto a plate
5. Using the smaller heart cutter, cut out smaller heart shapes on the red half of the krispies and place on to a separate plate.
6. Repeat until you have the desired amount of green and red hearts
7. Using edible glue brush on a small amount onto the bottom of the red heart and press onto one of the green hearts until the red heart sticks to the green heart
8. Repeat until all of the green and red hearts have been used

And that’s it, you can now go and impress your family and friends with your Christmas ‘Grinch’s Heart’ creations!

The Grinch's Heart

Handy tip:

Do NOT use food colouring unless it is GEL food colouring into chocolate as this will ruin your chocolate

You can buy all of the ingredients you need at Tesco and the edible glue and heart cutters at Hobbycraft

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