Will it be Pizza for your Christmas day dinner?

The average Brit will will munch their way through 731 pizzas in their life or an incredible 5,847 slices, so will you be having pizza for Christmas day dinner?

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Researchers also found that the figure is most likely to be made up of 130 pepperoni, 124 cheese and tomato, 64 ham and pineapple versions, 73 vegetarian pizzas, 55 four cheese ones, 30 seafood topping, 93 meatfeast, 71 BBQ plus a further 91 pizzas made up of varied toppings.

Anita Naik, lifestyle editor at, which carried out the study, said: “With so many different toppings and bases to choose from, it’s no wonder us Brits gobble up so many pizzas.

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“With the average pizza-lover splurging almost £10k in their lifetime on takeaway pizzas alone, it can be an expensive treat.

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We do a love a bit of pizza but we don’t think it could replace our Christmas day dinner!

Would you have a pizza as your Christmas day dinner? Let us know.

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