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Will John Lewis 2017 Christmas Advert Recreate Hans Christian Andersens Big Book of Fairytales?

Just like the “mince-spies” we are, we’ve rounded up all the clues on what we predict will be this years 2017 John Lewis Christmas advert and if we’re right could this be the ultimate fairytale story….

John Lewis 2017 Christmas Advert Recreate Hans Christian Andersens Big Book of Fairytales?

Yes it’s only August, however predicting the John Lewis Christmas advert is something we here at UnderTheChristmasTree love to do to get you into the pre, pre, PRE Christmas mood and this year, could we be watching a recreation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, here’s the clues so far…

1. Themes Folklore, Winter Palace, Into the Woods, Highland Myths, Lima Llama, Tales of the Maharaja & Mitsuko.  John Lewis’ Christmas buyer Dan Cooper has told us this year’s SEVEN themes will be inspired by the fables and tradition of a particular country or region. Each of the themes (mentioned above) can all easily be placed in fairytales written by Hans Christian Andersen, got that fuzzy-feeling yet?…

John Lewis's Christmas buyer Dan Cooper and Highland Myths theme

2. Baubles & Decorations – Every year the UK department store launches merchandise to support its ad, last year you could get Boxer the buster toys, and we’ve spotted a few potentials, Let’s start with Folklore: a horse bauble and brightly coloured accessories could suggest the opening to The Sandman.

Next, The Winter Palace: a Winter Palace bauble, Man on the Moon and a Babushka bauble – a nod to the most popular Hans fairytale The Snowqueen with Babushka representing the grandparent telling the tales?….

John Lewis Winter Palace 2017 Christmas Theme

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Into the Woods and Highland Myths both have traditional decorations, a woodland fairy and talking animals – an indication that the story of Thumbelina and The Fir Tree could be told whilst Lima Llama, Tales of the Maharaja and Mitsuko all take on  more vibrant colours with opulent glass baubles, sequins and exotic prints a little hint to the The Emperor’s New Clothes? or perhaps The Nightingale.

John Lewis Tales Of The Maharaja and Into the Woods

One of the most famous fairytale stories written was called The Sandman who comes with two umbrellas, one with pictures (representing magical dreams) for the good children and the other with NO pictures for the naughty children who will wake up having dreamed of nothing at all. The story takes you through a full week of magical excitement – could this be how JL will open it’s advert, perhaps with a grandparent reading the book to a child on Christmas Eve!

From start to finish we predict John Lewis will open with a grandparent (The Sandman) settling an over-excited child to sleep on the week up to Christmas by telling a magical fairy tale story every night, but just like the book, who will remember the dreams?

A Christmas book

Now although this is just speculation we have spotted you can buy Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales for £9.99 right now on John Lewis, could this be the biggest hint of all or are we just dreaming.

Have you spotted any clues? Will it tell the biggest fairy tale of them all?
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