Will There Be A Christmas 2017 Car Share Special?

Comedian Peter Kay has said there will be no more episodes of  Car Share, but what are the chances of a Christmas special where our favourite lovebirds finally get to kiss under the mistletoe? Let’s face it we all love a happy ending!

Millions of fans are now genuinely upset that they might never get to see supermarket colleagues John and Kayleigh’s car sharing arrangement finally turn into true love.

Image credit: BBC

As Car Share bows out after a mere 10 episodes, Peter Kay – the star, co-writer and director of BAFTA-winning BBC sitcom, told BBC Radio Manchester. “There’s not going to be a series three, you’ve got to get out while the going’s good. No Christmas special either.” Unhappy viewers promptly stampeded onto social media to declare that they were “distraught”, “devastated” and “heartbroken”. And we for one can’t blame them!

At last Kayleigh finally admits that she’s fallen in love with assistant manager John during their daily commutes, however, John refused to confess his true feelings but did respond by texting a soppy dedication to the local radio station. Unfortunately Kayleigh didn’t hear John’s dedication as she decided to “Get out – of your car and of your life.”

Viewers around the country cheered John on as he chased after Kayleigh, clambering over a rush-hour tailback of vehicles as he declared his love and swept her off her feet. Unfortunately this turned out to be just a dream sequence and in reality John was still sitting in his car, on the phone to his nan telling her “I’m done” as the credits rolled.

Although Peter Kay may have insisted that there would be no series 3 we can’t help but feel the end of series 2 was building upto a Christmas special, come on Peter give us what we want!

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