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Will you be 1 of 35 million Brits to lose sleep this Christmas?

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It might not be such a ‘silent night, holy night’ this Christmas as, according to global sleep company, Casper, a fifth of us will lose more than 3 hours of sleep per night over the festive season, with house guests responsible for another two fifths (blame it on the in-laws!).

Will you be one of 7 million unlucky Brits who will find themselves sleeping on the sofa or  banished to the floor to make space for the extended family? According to Casper, no-not the friendly ghost -the global sleep company,  it won’t be a silent night as over 35 million of us will miss out on our usual night’s sleep.


‘He sees us when we’re sleeping and he knows when we’re awake’ as 9 million of us burn the midnight oil partying the night away. Who would have thought that a festive romance could affect the amount of sleep we get? However it would appear that over 5 million miss out on sleep because of this mistletoe magic.

We all work hard preparing for Christmas and when the big day’s over what we really, really want for Christmas is some quality ZZZs (and for the in-laws to head off home?)

Are you one of 47% who think Christmas is a chance to catch up on your sleep or are you a party animal who can’t wait for the fun and frivolity to begin?

Will your Christmas be ‘merry and bright’ or will you be ‘mistletoe and wined’ out?

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