Will Your Christmas Tipple Be A Long Glass Of Sprout Juice?

Brussel Sprout juice will be on UK shelves in time for Christmas as Marks and Spencers launch the drink in time for the festive season.

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Are you one of the many who already quiver at the sight of those little green balls of doom?  If so you may want to avoid the drink aisle at Marks and Spencers this Christmas as it launches a new Apple, Pear and Brussel sprout vegetable drink!

Capatalizing on the growing popularity of vegetable juice, this bottle of green goodness is likely to be loved as much as it is loathed.

Sprouting up all over M&S this Christmas, the retailer is set to introduce a sprout coleslaw as part of its festive range, which will go nicely with turkey dishes and sandwiches.

It’s not all about greens however, as Marks and Spencers have indulged in some seriously tasty sounding treats including an edible cheese board, made from crackers, a Christmas dinner pie and a luxurious Christmas cake trimmed with LED lights – are you hungry too?

The range will be rolled out in October with some of it’s winter dishes, including the turkey, coming to stores two weeks before the big day.

So this 2014 instead of handing out fruity cocktails at your next Christmas party, why not switch it up and test sprout juice on friends and family, you can gurantee one thing, they certainly will be in for a shock!

Will you be giving the vegetable drink a try this year?  Share your thoughts and opinions by simply commenting below.

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