Winter Fun!

Keeping the kids entertained over the Christmas holidays can sometimes be a challenge considering how excitable Children can be at this time of year.

While we all think of snow fights and building snowmen when we think of Christmas, we thought we’d make a list of things to keep the kids, young and old, entertained over Christmas in the event there is no snow… just in case!

1 – Colouring Books! Santa is such a thoughtful man, and he knows that children love to draw and colour in and so he tries to remember to give a colouring book and pens as a gift at Christmas to keep the kids occupied.

2 – Christmas Movies – Children love watching television, and the television is full of brilliant Christmas films and shows which the kids will love watching.

3 – Jigsaws! Children love being creative and putting puzzles together, so why not get the whole family together and assemble a jigsaw?

4 – Why not get some of your children’s friends round for a couple of hours and let them all play with each others toys that Santa was good enough to give to them over Christmas?

5 – Get your children to write santa a thank you card and ask them to do a drawing of the Christmas tree inside and say thank you to father Christmas.

6 – Bake a Christmas treat. We know baking an actual Christmas cake can be complicated, so why not get your children to help you make some treats such as chocolate covered cornflakes or rice crispies – simple and yet lots of fun!

7 – You can always cross your fingers and wish for snow! we know we will be!


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