Winter Tyres For The UK

Christmas may be past but the winter season is still here and with it comes snow and ice which makes driving conditions difficult. Be safe when you are on the road this winter by putting on winter tyres onto your car.

Why should you do this?

Most of our cars are fitted with summer tyres, although some do have all-season tyres. Winter tyres are designed specifically to give you extra grip in the cold temperatures and when you are driving on ice and snow.

They are good at gripping cold, damp roads, below about 7 dec C. The have sipes which provide hundreds of small extra ‘edges’ to drip the road as the tyre rotates.

When should you do this?

It is recommended that you switch to your winter tyres in the UK between October and April. In many parts of Europe it is a legal requirement.

What are they bad at?

At temperatures above 7 deg C they offer significantly poorer drip in dry conditions than the best summer tyres.

Do you need them in the UK?

Winter tyres are not compulsory in the United Kingdom, although they are in other parts of Europe which have extreme weather every winter. Winter tyres are a great benefit to many people especially those who live in remote areas.

How much do they cost?

You may need a second set of wheels to fit your winter tyres. In other countries that already use winter tyres, drivers often opt for steel rims, which are less likely to corrode after exposure to winter grit. Winter tyres generally cost around the same as standard tyres.

You can find winter tyres and your car model here: Halfords

Will you be getting Winter tyres this year? Comment below and let us know.

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