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Wrapping Expert Neelam Meetcha Tells Us How To Wrap A Bottle Or An Awkward Shape

Neelam Meetcha is a U.K based entrepreneur and an acclaimed expert within the creative gift wrapping industry. She is a regular gift wrapping and paper crafting guest expert on Crafting TV channels across the UK and online.  

Neelam is Known as The Gift Wrapping Expert, Neelam shares her knowledge with thousands of viewers. She is a sought after creative expert in the UK and is a regular guest speaker and demonstrator at the largest craft fairs in the UK.

We were delighted when Neelam kindly offered to show us how to correctly wrap a bottle, something many of us will be trying over the festive season.

Neelam said:Using the right materials in gift wrapping is key. In this project you will learn how to use a range of materials to create a stunning gift wrap. This technique is perfect for all awkward shapes. Seven times Grammy award winner Will.I.Am and I worked with this technique for the BBC Christmas ad.

Step 1: Place your bottle in the centre of the tissue paper and raise both ends of the paper to the neck of the bottle.

Steps For Bottle
Image credit: Neelam Meetcha

Step 2: Lift the tissue paper upwards, the folds will automatically fall in place at the base of the bottle.

Step 3: Keep lifting the tissue up around the bottle until one side is covered.

Step 4: Repeat the pleats on the opposite side of the bottle and tie with a piece of curling string.

Step 5: cellophane above the neck where you tied the curling stringPlace the bottle wrapped in tissue onto the centre of the cut cellophane.

Step 6 Bottle
Image credit: Neelam Meetcha

Step 6: Grip the cellophane at the neck of the bottle and lift the cellophane up using the same technique used for the tissue wrap, continue until all the bottle is wrapped in the cellophane.

Take a piece of ribbon and tie around the neck of the bottle, ensure you make two tight knots.

TipThis wrapping technique is perfect or gift wrapping all kinds
of awkward shapes.

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Happy Wrapping!

Will you be following Neelam’s wrapping technique to wrap a bottle this Christmas or will you pop it into a bottle bag? Comment below and let us know.

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