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Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail Is Full Of Bite This Christmas

Christmas Gift 2015: Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail Sink your teeth into some chomping fun this festive season with Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail interactive toy.

UnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent the new Tiger Tail Chomplingz by SpinMaster and as it made the Dream Toy list for 2015 Holly from our team wanted to see why everyone was roaring about it.

To start Holly said the box itself made the toy look super exciting, with a very impressive ‘Tiger Tail’ holding his bone in his knashers, she tore inside, unscrewed the battery door which is located under his belly and installed 3 AAA batteries – please note batteries are NOT included so please do buy some to ensure children can play straight away.

There are so many ways Zoomer Chomplingz will play and interact, with LED eyes that change colour depending on his mood or mode you can choose from: Green – Auto Mode, Purple – Play Mode, Red – Guard mode, Blue – Hot Hands games, Orange catch game and White – Sound Warp Game.

Switching the ON switch (under his stomach) Holly noticed his eyes light up green, this meant she was playing in Auto mode, she couldn’t stop laughing as she pulled his tail and he farted but the laughter didn’t stop there, Holly waved her hand in front of his nose and Tiger Tail started clucking like a chicken!

Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tai

There are three games to play – Hot Hands, Catch and Sound Warp – Holly gave the Hot Hands a go. First off she pressed the back button and pulled Tiger’s tail this started the game. Already weary Tiger’s eyes turned an electric blue colour and Holly placed her hand inside his chomping mouth, as his eyes turned orange, Holly was too slow and he chomped down, however she did get the hang of it and won the next round – much to Tigers annoyance.

One of our favourites when Holly played was Guard mode, we placed a pack of biscuits in front of Tiger and when Mandy moved them he went mad and started roaring – commence hilarity in the office.

tiger tail by spin master

Zoomer Chomplingz ‘Tiger Tail’ created by Spin Master is suitable for 5 years and older and has an RRP £40. Overall Holly felt TigerTails was full of biting fun, and if you’re looking for a toy which will not only keep your little one entertained for hours on end but adults too then this would be perfect.

There are three to collecting which include Tiger Tail, Hyjinx and Z Rex.

You can buy Zoomer Chomplingz for around £19.99 on offer right now at Smyth Toys by CLICKING HERE!

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