1980’s Christmas Gifts

fakekitchenNowadays we all wake up on Christmas morning to find that Santa has left some sort of high tech gadget or device under the christmas tree.

Back in the 1980’s, there weren’t  so many Tech toys and children often woke up to roller skates, prams, trucks etc., all the things they’d put on their Christmas lists.

During the 80’s, computer technology was in its infancy.   Invariably the only people who had computers were offices and big businesses. There were not computers in every home like there are today, and so children’s priorities were less Angry Birds and more pretend kitchens and kite’s.

On Christmas morning you would be hoping to get colouring books and pens (Even as adults, we would love to receive this from Mr Claus!). Children would sit for hours on end colouring in drawings that their parents could then place on the fridge for all to see.


Another popular gift was a Kite. Both boys and girls loved to play with a kite, as back then there were no remote control flying planes.  Children would love flying a kite on particularly windy days. (Actually, hands up if you remember your dad taking your kite to ‘get it in the air’ before anyone else could get a turn?)

Girls who were very lucky woke up to a toy kitchen that had an oven and washing machine. Some even had a vacuum! Little did we know that children would grow to dislike cooking and cleaning as much as we do! Girls would love to set up a pretend meal and serve plastic chips and peas. Ahh the memories.

Another popular gift was definitely sweets.  Nothing much changes there, but instead of chocolate, most children liked “eggs” or “pencils” that are today’s equivalent of  pick n mix sweeties.  Chocolate was still popular, particularly in selection boxes.   Selection Boxes aren’t just as popular today (and they’re much smaller!), but in the 80’s, children and adults alike woke up to the excitement of a chomp or a fudge before their Christmas breakfast. (again, not much changes… Just us?)


Would you prefer a rocking horse or an iPad?

Let us know if you remember your 1980’s Christmas Gifts in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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