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5 fun facts you probably didn’t know about pies

We do love a good pie and this week is British Pie Week! So we take a look at some of the fun and unique facts about pies.

  1. Mince pies used to be savoury
Image of mince pies
Image credit: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

That’s right, before it was the tasty sweet treat that we know and love today, our humble mince pie used to be made of minced meat, suet and a range of fruits and spices such as cinnamon before meat and suet were removed.

  1. The UK’s favourite pie was Cottage Pie and Chicken Pie
Image credit: raleyj via Pixabay

In a survey from BBC Good Food in 2020, it found that Cottage Pie and Chicken Pie were announced as joint winners of the UK’s favourite pie.

  1. Pies were banned
Image credit: Free-Photos via Pixabay

Back in 1644, Oliver Cromwell BANNED any Christmas celebrations and foods that were associated with the holiday include mince pies, turkey and Christmas ale until the ban was eventually lifted in 1660.

  1. Christmas leftovers make beautiful pies
Image credit: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Aside from having a tasty sandwich with some of the Christmas leftovers, many Brits make Christmas leftover pies with Turkey, ham and more.

5. Each month, Brits eat around 2.2 pies each month

Image credit: stevepb via Pixabay

With so many different options out there, we Brits really do love our pies including steak and ale pie, chicken and leek, vegan pie and more.

These are just a few fun facts for British Pie Week, take a look at this fun and tasty Spinach, Feta & Nutt Puff Pastry Pie recipe.