5 Simple Steps to save some extra cash this January

Saving money in January - 5 easy tipsJanuary is dreaded by most. With food, drink and lots of festive fun coming to a end.  Just like Santa (who only gets a little time off) we all have to get back to work to pay off some of those heafty bills from Christmas.

So instead of staying in every weekend and watching old DVD’s over and over again (unless it’s Christmas ones), here are five simple ways to save money throughout January – even Mrs Clause will use this list!

Have a mega clear out.
Obvious yes,  however getting round to actually pulling everything out from all those packed cupboards, drawers and wardrobes can be time consuming but can make you a pretty penny.  Ebay has many free listing weekends so why not wait until then and list the whole lot up – even the elves are putting up some of their old hats!

ebay to help saving money

Spend wisely and cut back.
Switching from your branded products to the supermarket’s own.  Keep trying different supermarkets to find out which own brand you like the best – you will be surprised as many taste nicer than even the brands.  Another way we like to spend money more wisely is by checking out the web for special offers on each store, writing down the ones you want and only buying them.

switch to supermarkets own branded products

Tip:  Do not go shopping when you have an empty stomach as you will end up buying a lot more than you ever intendedthis one always catches out Santa!

Coupons, discounts, points.
Hunting around the internet, your local newspaper’s and ensuring you collect your points from stores can mount up. Printing off or cutting out coupons can literally half your shopping bill.


Contracts, insurance and bills.
We all have some sort of house, car, mobile insurance or contract but instead of sticking with the original contract once it is finished (because its easier and we are to lazy to change) hunt around and see if you can get a better deal.  Even just saving £5 can help with putting money aside for Christmas 2014.

Local events and day’s out.
Instead of taking the children to expensive playgrounds or parks check your local paper, the internet or even the radio and find out what local free events are taking place. A trip to a car boot can help run off the kids energy and you could even pick up a much needed bargain.

days out with the kids

Hopefully some of these tips will help save some much needed cash for January and if all else fails, you could always ask Santa for the winning lottery ticket!

Let’s make January a richer month!

Why not share your tips to saving some extra money below using our easy comments box.

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