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5 Ways to help save you money

It’s that time of the year again where you may have spent just a little more than expected and here comes the lovely postman to delivery another pleasant surprise.. a Bill!

However trimming back and and making some simple changes can make some significant savings which over time can help cut down the bills.

Below are Under the Christmas Tree’s 5 top saving tips to help saving you those extra penny’s.

1 – Before going shopping make a shopping list
Food forms a significant part in your monthly outgoings and you and i both know that supermarkets are excellent in making you feel comfortable, simply by playing songs in the background which you know and love will make you feel more relaxed and in turn you will end up with a bigger bill than expected. To help prevent these sneaky extras plan your meals and write down a shopping list, making sure you only buy what you will actually need.

Tip: Do not go shopping when you are hungry as you end up buying extra treats.

2 – Get selling on eBay
As you take a quick look around the house we bet you have spotted half a dozen items which either you no longer use or haven’t even been taking out of the box, so why not set yourself up an eBay account and start selling.

3 – Don’t go for brands
Weather it being your grocery shopping, clothing shopping or homeware and accessories start hunting around and don’t pay big ticket prices just for a brand name. The person who wears a pair of blue jeans from a well known brand at around £60 wont be able to tell from someone wearing a pair from Primark at £12-£15. As mentioned before this goes for shopping brands own branded value food – a tin of beans is a tin of beans.

4 – Stop trying to keep up with the joneses
Trying to keep up appearances can cost you an arm and a leg and weather or not you have intentionally done this it is likely you have at some point, weather it be a neighbour has bought a new sofa so you feel you could do with an upgrade. Just remember you cannot judge someone on what they have got as you don’t know how they go it, it’s likely their debt is a lot higher than yours.

5 – Last but not least ask yourself this simple question – do i really need this?

Just imagine you have an hour to kill, and you see some great new kitchen utensils and accessories such as an egg timer now all half price. Stop! Ask yourself do i really need this egg timer and spoon? Exactly, put it down and walk away..fast!

These are just a few quick and easy step you can take to help cost cutting. You can start this straight away so go get paper and pen and start writing your shopping list!

What are your top saving tips? have you used any of these suggestions? Why not let other know how they worked for you by submitting a comment using our comments bow below.

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