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Do you tell your kids these hilarious little lies?

Research by Mamia at Aldi has revealed that parents tell an average of TEN hilarious little lies to help them power through parenting, have you ever told these?

Image of Aldi ice cream
Image credit: Aldi

With more than 85% of parents admitting to bending the truth on a daily basis according to the findings, parents are using a little creative licence to help them through the week.

Here’s the top picks here:

“Everyone gets 10,000 words per month – and if you reach the limit, you can’t physically speak until the new month begins”
“When ice cream goes hard it means it’s out of date”
“If you try to buy something on the App Store, Santa will tell me”
“The alarm sensors in the house light up when Santa is watching”
“If the McDonald’s sign is yellow, it’s closed”
“The dog ate your sweets” (it was really me)
“YouTubers can see when you’re naughty”
“The green things on your plate are a new type of chocolate”
“It’s a potato van, NOT an ice cream van”

Image of Aldi mealtimes
Image credit: Aldi

Children’s Nutritionist Sarah Almond-Bushell said: “Little white lies work! Even as a registered dietitian, I am guilty of stretching the truth when it comes to my children. They grew up thinking that tuna was actually dark chicken, if they knew it was fish there would have been outright rejection.”

Have you ever told any of these to get your kids to behave or to get them to eat their vegetables?

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