Aldi reveals its REAL Christmas advert for 2018

Aldi has unveiled its actual fairytale Christmas adverts which shows Kevin once again in even more danger as he battles Pascale the wicked Parsnip!

Can Kevin thwart the evil root vegetable?!

OK so far Pascal has tried and failed to kidnap Kevin’s family (which you can see below) and this time in Aldi’s fairytale adverts for Christmas – Little Red Riding Hood is in danger!

Pascal is back to his rotten self once again in the next installment of Aldi’s Fairy tale stories. As Little Red Riding Hood makes her skipping way through Aldi’s lavish food and drinks table to head home to her gingerbread house, Pascal the parsnip is seen dressed up as her granny waiting to strike however Kevin is once again on hand to destroy the evil plan.

Watch Aldi’s first advert below:

It’s looks as though the Coca-Cola spoof was just a little teaser from Aldi as it releases a brand new advert featuring Kevin the Carrot saving his family from Pascal, the wicked Parsnip.

We last seen Kevin dangling from a cliff edge in the Coca-Cola style red truck but it seems Kevin has even more danger gnomic his way – this time Pascal the Parsnip.

Aldi's Pascal the Parsnip
Image: Aldi

As always Jim Broadbent is back with his poetic storytelling of Kevin saving the day which is set to the soundtrack of Edward Scissorhands. In the new 60 second clip, Kevin comes face to face with Pascal, the wicked Parsnip who has his family hostage.

Kevin the Carott's family locked away
Image: Aldi

Luckily, Kevin through his own special tripping and stumbling way manages to save the day and rescue his family all the whilst defecting the root vegetable Pascal.

Aldi Kevin the Carrot running past the turkey
Image: Aldi

Moving on we see scenes where the family have sat down to read a bedtime story, revealing Pascal’s fate: ‘I think he moved further a field.’

Aldi Christmas TV Advert 2018 - Kevin the Carrot and the Wicked Parsnip
Image: Aldi

The fairytale showcases all of Aldi’s festive food and drinks range throughout.

OK So where can we buy Pascal?!!

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