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Asda unveils its 2019 Christmas food offerings

Asda has unveiled its 2019 Christmas food range, from Vegan golden swirls, a Pig in Blanket centrepiece to Pip the Penguin cake. Here’s everything you’ll want to eat.

Asda Christmas food offerings 2019
Image credit: ASDA

Like last year, Asda has created one heck of an extra special line-up for its 2019 festive food offerings. Ensuring there is something for everyone, you’re definitely going to want to try every piece.

With plenty of options for all, it wont be hard to fill our stomachs. So what can you expect to see in store later in the year?

We’ve got the low-down below.


There’s a wealth of finger foods to get the party started, with Vegan Vegetable Filo Tarts finished with a Thai style coconut and chill dressing, yum, to Vegan Bombay Potato Croquettes.

However if you’re looking for even more indulgence then the Extra Special King Prawn and Chorizo in a Prosecco Sauce Puff Pastry or Christmas Turkey Tower is sure to hit the spot.


We know Christmas is all about show-stopping WOW moments when it comes to the main course of your feast, and Asda are not short of few of these. You’ll still be able to pick up the usual traditional turkeys however the UK supermarket has also introduced new additions, including: Extra Special Free Range and Corn Fed Stuffed Bronze Turkey and Extra Special Christmas Cracker made with a festive blend of meats and all the trimmings including mashed potato, parsnips and brussels sprouts all in one mouth watering centrepiece, plus the Extra Special Bone in Beef Ribeye with Wild Garlic and Herb Butter.

Extra Special Bone in Beef Ribeye with Wild Garlic and Herb Butter
Image credit: ASDA

And it looks like no Christmas table this year will be complete without a giant pig in blanket, as its Extra Special 12 Pigs in Blankets Centrepiece will be the perfect party pleaser.

Asda Extra Special 12 Pigs in Blankets Centrepiece
Image credit: ASDA

Vegans and vegetarians, will want to be first at the table, poised with your knife and fork for the Festive Vegan Wellington, 12 Vegan No Pork Cocktail Sausage, and our main highlight – 12 Vegan Cranberry and Apple Stuffing Balls.

Asda Vegan range
Image credit: ASDA


We certainly love to indulge just a little to much when Christmas comes around, who doesn’t! and Asda has have came up with a host of delicious treats, personally we’ve got our eye on, who are we kidding?  We like the whole LOT. From Extra Special ‘Gin’-ger Bread Roulade, White Chocolate and Lemon Pine Cones, Winter Village Millionaire’s Bowl Dessert and Special Golden Vegan Swirls, who on earth will need a spoon!

Asda Special Golden Vegan Swirls
Image credit: ASDA


What’s Christmas without the obligatory mince pies, hot chocolates and specialized liqueur! Spoil yourself with Chocolate Parcel Bites, Sloe gin mince pies with Pink Gin Cream, yes we did just say PINK GIN, and gobble up a mince pie cookie, before washing it all down with a glass of Winter Spice Gin.

Image credit: ASDA

OK we know we shouldn’t pick favourites however Asda’s Really Creamy ‘Elf’ Ice Cream and Pip the Penguin have melted our hearts.


Your table wouldn’t be complete without the cheeseboard – its a Xmas staple! You can enjoy, Extra Special Bowland – a creamy Lancashire cheese which is blended with festive flavours, a 150-year-old family recipe from Somerset and a twist on a classic finger food with Mojito Olives.


The big day has been and gone and your left-overs are few and far between, you can choose from new and innovative creations to liven up your Boxing Day dinner. Choose from Butcher’s Selection Bone In Gammon Joint with Berry and Maple Glaze to the Garlic and Herb Bread Wreath and Baking Camembert, perfect for sharing with close ones.

We can’t wait until Christmas now!

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