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Should Britain be placed on the naughty list? A new survey may suggest so!

From wearing the same pair of jogging bottoms too often to forgetting a friend/relative’s birthday, it seems Britain is a nation of naughty according to new research.

Should we really be bothered about Santa checking his list twice?…

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We’ve all had the sneaky lie in when we were supposed to be working from home and if you hadn’t been working in your pyjamas then you missed out as new research admits that as a nation we’ve all admitted to an average of 7 naughty slips-ups so far this year – whoops!

Tesco Christmas Advert 2020
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To mark the launch of its Christmas 2020 ‘No Naughty List’ campaign, Tesco asked 2000 adults all about their naughty little behaviours. The study shows that 43% of the nation believe that we shouldn’t feel guilty for the small, naughty slip-ups made in 2020 including seventeen per cent who admitted to giving a housemate (including partner, family, child, friend, other) a dodgy haircut/hairstyle, and 30% who bought more household items than they actually needed… we’ve all been there.

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The top 10 naughty behaviours the nation admitted to in 2020* are:

  1. Wearing the same pair of jogging bottoms a few too many times (32%)
  2. Buying more household items/groceries/toiletries than needed at that moment in time (30%)
  3. Leaving washing up in the sink for ‘someone else’ to do (22%)
  4. Working in my pyjamas (21%)
  5. Having a lie in when I was meant to be working from home (19%)
  6. Forgetting my friend/relative’s birthday (17%)
  7. Giving my housemate (including partner, family, child, friend, other) a dodgy haircut/hairstyle (17%)
  8. Taking salt/pepper/sauce/sugar sachets from a café/restaurant (17%)
  9. Sitting in my car purely for peace and quiet from family/housemates (16%)
  10. Cheating on a virtual quiz with friends/colleagues (16%)

Alessandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer at Tesco, says: “2020 has seen the nation adjust to new ways of living, working and shopping, which has led to some less than perfect, but perfectly understandable, behaviour. As we enter the festive season and begin to reflect on the year gone by, a quarter (25%) of us have confessed to feeling guilty for these minor slip-ups. At Tesco, however, we believe Christmas is all about spreading joy and this year, we’re encouraging everyone to forgive themselves for their naughty slip-ups. After the year we’ve had, we all deserve to treat ourselves and so we say there is no naughty list (but parents, we’ll let you decide whether you tell your children that or not!).”

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The naughtiest city in the UK? according to the research we’re sorry to say Brighton but you came out on top and we’re pretty sure Santa is keeping a closer look…

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