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Can You Name The Christmas Sprouts?

Asda has gone “Sproutof Control” with it’s festive food line up this year as they launch green AND red Brussel sprout, however these “sprout-tacular” table must-have’s are yet to be named!

We ask: Can You Name The Christmas Sprout?

Now, they say no Christmas dinner is complete without a sprout or two, (even if the sight of them doesn’t make you feel full comfort and joy) however ASDA groceries has tried to spruce up the humble mini cabbage by given some a merry make-over.

This Christmas you will be able to purchase mixed bag’s of red and green sprouts but as of right now even Santa can’t put them on his naughty or nce list as they are yet to be named! Taking to Facebook, Asda, has asked fans to come up with some suggestions, below are a few of our top picks:

We thought Merry Sproutmass may be one to consider?!

What would you name the Christmas Sprout’s?  Share your suggestions below!

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