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Co-op reveals its Christmas Food & Drink for 2023

With twists on traditional festive classics and a brand new charity Christmas sandwich, we delve into the co-op Christmas food range for 2023.

Co-op Christmas Food 2023

The supermarkets are firing on all fronts when it comes to showcasing their food offerings for the festive season, we’ve already seen Tesco, Asda and Waitrose and now, get ready to feel super hungry as Co-op gives us a look at what will be available this year.

The brand has created a host of delicious treats with the convenience shopper in mind. Plus there will be exclusive member pricing across a range of lines this year and shoppers can take advantage of a ‘2 for £5.50’ multi-buy offer across the standard party food range.

Kicking off in true party style is the classic Irresistible Vol-au-Vents (170g, £5.00) – topped with delicious cheese, onion & chive, and cheese & ham hock, we’ll take a dozen packs!

Co-op Christmas Food 2023 -  Irresistible Vol-au-Vents (170g, £5.00)

How about bite sized Pizza Puff Dippers with Tomato & Basic Sauce? yeah who’s actually sharing, not us that’s for sure.

The main event should leave every single guest wowed and Co-op has nailed it this year with this Vegan Irresistible Mushroom Truffle Wellington.

Co-op Christmas Food 2023 - Vegan Irresistible Mushroom Truffle Wellington

But if traditional turkey is more your style then the Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breats Joint with Sage and Caramelised Onion Stuffing.

The dinner table is only complete when there’s no room to even place your knife & fork and with Co-op range of sides, this will be easily done. From the classic 12 Pigs in Blankets to its Irresistible Pork, Cranberry and Chestnut Stuffing Balls.

Co-op Christmas Food 2023 -   12 Pigs in Blankets to its Irresistible Pork, Cranberry and Chestnut Stuffing Balls

Dessert, Dessert, dessert – yes it really is everything! and Co-op has slayed this year’s offerings, especially when you see this 7-inch 2-tier Chocolate Indulgence Cake.

Candy Cane cakes and S’Mores Chocolate Brownies are giving us Christmas movie night in feels.

Irresistible Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding and Extra Thick Brandy Cream will make counting the days until Christmas even more tasty.

Co-op Christmas Food 2023 - Irresistible Mince Pies

Your cheeseboard should have a little bit of everything, and we love the sound of Co-op’s Cheese selection Pack which has A selection of mature white Cheddar, Red Leicester, Wensleydale with Cranberries and blue Stilton for £5.50.

For the first time, Co-op and Barnardo’s are bringing communities together to support young people by raising £5m through sales of the Christmas Sandwich range. The money will help support 750,000 young people and provide access to basic needs like food, as well as managing their mental wellbeing and access opportunities for their future.

Co-op Christmas Food 2023 - Charity Barnardos Christmas Sandwich

Well if you weren’t hungry you certainly will be now.