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Easy Steps To Creating A Childs Shepherds Costume

Check out our top tips to making a budget friendly and easy Shepherds outfit for your child Christmas Nativity plays and parties.

Every year children practice for hours on end for their nativity play while parents worry about how on earth they are going to dress them up as a shepherd.

As shepherds were men of little means,  this means you shouldn’t have to spend to much to look like one. All you need is some inspiration and and a old pillowcase.

  • Step 1 – Get an old pillowcase or sheet – If you have an old pillowcase or sheet cut out holes on each side for your little one’s arms to stick through and also a hole for your little ones head to pop through.
  • Step 2 – Accessories – Simply tie a dressing gown cord or old leather belt around the waist and finish off with a pair of leather sandals to get that authentic shepherd’s look.
  • Step 3 – Head-wear – The old striped tea-towel wrapped around your child head is still the most popular choice when creating nativity outfits however if you don’t have this why not use an old scarf or pashmina, this will do the trick just fine.
  • Step 4 – Shepherd’s Stick – Just to make your costume extra authentic why not use a large wooden stick, broom handle or even a grandparents walking stick.

To finish off this spectacular and fun costume why not add soft toy lamb or sheep for your child to hold or put next to them.

As it is winter nights are now very cold, your child should wear something underneath just to keep them warm, however with all the singing and dancing they will be doing they will probably not feel the cold.

Do you have other ways to making a Shepherd’s costume? Did you find this easy to make? Comment us and let other know by using our comments box below.

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