Films To Watch On Christmas Eve

family watching christmas moviesChristmas Eve is one of our most favourite days of the year – in fact, many people prefer the excitement of Christmas Eve to Christmas Day. 

On the 24th of December we love to gather around the coal fire and watch some festive films, so we thought we would list our top 10 films to watch on Christmas Eve.

1 – Santa Claus – The Movie (1985)


For around 20 years, we have watched this film every Christmas Eve.  The film has everything we love about Christmas – reindeer, hope, Santa & Elves! This feel good movie will have you glued to your screens.

2 – Home Alone

Need we say more? Kevin McAllister is probably one of our favourite kid characters of all time.  This Christmas favourite is full of festive fun and beating burglars before they break into the family home.  A comedy that will warm your heart.

3 – Christmas With The Kranks


This movie follows the “Kranks” family as they decide to cancel Christmas for one year and plan to go on holiday abroad instead while their daughter is abroad with her boyfriend.  The hilarious movie shows the Kranks having to prepare Christmas in a few hours as their daughter is returning home with her new fiance. This holiday favourite will have you laughing and filled with Christmas cheer.

4 – Miracle On 34th Street

We visited 34th Street in New York in December 2013 solely because of this movie.  This film is a true heart warmer that sees the public throw their weight and belief behind Santa Claus.  We love this movie and we’re pretty sure this will make you feel festive on Christmas Eve.

5 – The Santa Clause (1995)


When Santa Claus dies after falling off cynical toy company executive Scott Calvin’s roof,he is foreced to put on ‘the suit’ and take Santa’s place delivering parcels around the world.  As the night ends, the reindeer take them to the North Pole, and Scott discovers that by donning the fabled red suit, he’s inadvertently agreed to become the next Santa Claus.  This heartwarming comedy will have you crying with laughter.

6 – Deck The Halls

Deck The Halls is a family comedy  that sees Buddy Hall (Danny DeVito) mission to have his house seen from space and soon becomes the neighbour from hell after decorating his home top to toe in Christmas lights (we have to say, this sounds a lot like UTCT’s John!).  Soon, the neighbours from Hell become best friends with the neighbourhood who helps them at a time of  Christmas chaos!

7 – White Christmas


White Christmas is an all time Christmas classic and follows two men as they embark on a mission to help an old retired general to bring business to his struggling Ski Resort with the help of two sisters.  This all time classic will have you laughing and weeping.

8 – Scrooge

How could we talk about our favourite Christmas movies without mentioning Scrooge? The classic movie see’s three ghosts visit Ebeneezer Scrooge and helps him to see the true magic of Christmas.

9 – Polar Express


The Polar Express is an animated movie featuring the voice of Tom Hanks and follows a young boy’s journey to rediscover his faith in Christmas and Santa Claus. The boy learns that believing is seeing and seeing is not believing.

10 – Mickey’s Christmas Carol

We’re a sucker for a good Disney film and this one is one we loved watching during our childhood.  The child friendly movie shows Mickey and his fellow Disney characters tell the tale of Scrooge in a fun and festive way.

We appreciate that on Christmas Eve many people hardly have time to eat breakfast so it’s unlikely you will see all of these movies but if you get time, we thoroughly recommend all of these.

Ahh Christmas, we do love you!

What are your favourite Christmas movies? let us know in the comments below or feel free to tweet us @underxmastree  – we love hearing from you.

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