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Get into the spirit this Christmas with our top drinks

Christmas is the one time of year where we really get to spoil ourselves and others, so whether it’s on Christmas day or just as a little treat to yourself, why not get one of these spirits.

We were kindly sent all of these drinks but all thoughts are our own.

Tesco Finest The Melodist London Dry Gin 70Cl – £20 SHOP: £20

This Tesco Finest Gin blends fine botanicals which have been sourced from around the world and have notes of juniper and coriander seed.

Tesco Finest The Melodist London Dry Gin 70Cl

John said: “I do quite like the odd gin but I’ve never been a huge fan of the unflavoured gin but The Melodist London Dry Gin has changed my mine. The gin was smooth to drink, well balanced and the botanical flavours worked well together. I could taste the juniper and coriander and tasted delicious with some tonic water.”

M&S Salted Caramel Brownie Flavour Cream Liqueur: SHOP: £12

M&S Salted Caramel Brownie Flavour Cream Liqueur

The perfect after-dinner drink, this Cream Liqueur has chocolate with a blend of double cream and salted caramel.

Elaine said: “Wow! I think I have just found my new favourite Cream Liqueur, it was chocolately but with the salted caramel, it didn’t make this too sweet or sticky. I could taste the alcohol which blended beautifully with the other flavours and I will definitely be serving a glass of this with a mince pie on Christmas day.”

Lugger Rum: SHOP: £39.50

Image Of Lugger Spiced Rum

Lugger Rum, which is made in Devon is packed full of flavour and spices. This rum is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Mandy said: “I do enjoy a rum every now and then but I’ve always been reluctant to try spiced rum as sometimes this can be too sweet however Luggers Rum is totally different. Instead of tasting like vanilla and a little too sweet like some other rums, I could taste the spices that have been used which takes that overly-sweet taste away. I could taste notes of orange peel and it had a bourbon taste to it and I really enjoyed it.”

Tesco Finest Pedro Ximenez: SHOP: £6.00

Tesco Finest Pedro Ximenez

Made from the 180 year old Gonzalez Byass family winery in Jerez, Spain gives this Sherry a velvety smooth drink.

Katy said:”Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a little sherry and this one is lovely. It is deep in colour, is rich and puts a heat through you. I could taste raisin and fig which just reminded me of Christmas and it was very easy to drink.”

Marks And Spencer Clementine Gin Liqueur Snow Globe: SHOP: £18

Marks And Spencer Clementine Gin Liqueur Snow Globe

This gin is flavoured with a classic Christmas flavour, Clementine and has 23-carat edible gold leaf and the bottle even lights up.

Mandy said: “I love Clementine, it is just such a nice, refreshing flavour and it does remind me of Christmas. I absolutely loved the light up bottle which really showed off the edible gold leaf as it really made it sparkle. To taste the gin was smooth and had a lovely crisp bite to it and I really did enjoy this.”

Jameson Irish Whiskey: SHOP: £22.50

Image credit: Jamesons

Jamesons Whiskey is a blended Irish whiskey which has been triple distilled in oak casks.

John said: “I do enjoy a little whisky so I was keen to give Jamesons a try. The whiskey was very smooth to drink and had a nice warmth to it, this was fresh but also had notes of vanilla through it which gave a really nice balance. I tried this with a slash of water but it would be just as nice with a little soda or maybe even some ginger ale, lovely!”

Captain Morgans Gingerbread Spiced Limited Edition: SHOP NOW

Captain Morgans has had a little twist added to its signature bottle – gingerbread and it is oh so festive!

Katy said: “I enjoy a Morgans and Cola every so often so I was keen to give the spiced gingerbread a try. When I first poured this I could instantly smell the gingerbread and it just reminded me of Christmas. To taste, there were the familiar spices that I enjoy such as cloves, cinnamon and hints of vanilla but with the added gingerbread this just took it to a whole new level. It wasn’t overly sweet and was very warming, this would be the perfect drink on a cold winter’s night.”

These are just a few of our favourite drinks to have at Christmas. Take a look at our favourite wines for Christmas here.