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Gold’s Christmas Cracker Joke competition returns

‘Tis the season for belly laughing as comedy UKTV channel, Gold has announced its annual ‘Christmas Cracker’ joke competition for 2020 and this years has been revealed!

Are you festive funny?…

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Image: Gold/UKTV

This year’s UKTV Gold Christmas cracker joke has been announced:

The winning joke is: “What is Dominic Cummings’ favourite Christmas song? Driving Home for Christmas.”

Here are the other top jokes for 2020:

Did you hear that production was down at Santa’s workshop? Many of his workers have had to Elf isolate!

Why didn’t Mary and Joseph make it to Bethlehem? All Virgin flights were cancelled

Why are Santa’s reindeer allowed to travel on Christmas Eve? They have herd immunity

Why did the pirates have to go into lockdown? Because the “Arrrr!” rate had risen

Why is it best to think of 2020 like a panto? Because eventually, it’s behind you

Why couldn’t Mary and Joseph join their work conference call? Because there was no Zoom at the inn

Why can’t Boris Johnson make his Christmas cake until the last minute? He doesn’t know how many tiers it should have

What do the Trumps do for Christmas dinner? They put on a super spread

Which Christmas film was 30 years ahead of its time?
Home Alone

The the top prize is £1,500 experience vouchers and a bespoke set of Christmas crackers featuring their winning joke. The nine runners up will also receive a festive hamper and set of bespoke Gold crackers.

Last year’s winning joke was a Trump-inspired jest: “Why does Donald Trump have his Christmas dinner on a plastic plate? He doesn’t get on with China.” With the 2018 winner also focussing on the politician, being: “What does Donald Trump do after he pulls a cracker? Pays her off.”

The competition was open until 11.59pm on Sunday 25th October 2020, and entrants could enter by tweeting original, witty and family friendly Christmas jokes with the hashtag #GoldCrackers.

2018’s winning one-liner was political pun, “What does Donald Trump do after he pulls a cracker? Pays her off.”, with 2017’s top spot being taken by “Why was Theresa May sacked as Nativity Manager? She couldn’t run a stable government.”

We are a nation who love a giggle and with an astounding 300 million crackers being pulled on Christmas day, the laughs are set to just keep coming.

Gold Christmas Cracker 2019 Competition
Image credit: GOLD/UKTV

The best jokes will be shortlisted by a comedy panel led by comedy critic, and editor of comedy website Beyond The Joke, Bruce Dessau who said, “I’m sure we’ll all agree that 2019 has been one of the maddest yet! But despite all the ups and downs, we can usually still find something to crack a smile about. I can’t wait to see what comic gems emerge from this year’s Gold’s Christmas Crackers competition – I think we all deserve a laugh!”

Open to all UK residents aged 18 and over, to enter please:

  • Follow @GoldChannel and tweet a Christmas-themed joke via your personal Twitter account including #GoldCrackers
  • Gold is looking for the most original festive jokes that put a comedy twist on the news agenda or pop culture across the past year
  • Jokes must be original content and suitable for a family audience (e.g. no swear words)
  • The joke entry must be included within one tweet (i.e. not be more than 280 characters), including #GoldCrackers
  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • All entrants must follow @GoldChannel (so we can notify the winners) – but the @GoldChannel twitter handle does not need to be included in the joke entry.
  • Competition ends at 23:59 on 25/10/2020. For further information on the terms and conditions, please visit https://gold.uktv.co.uk/article/gold-crackers-competition-2020-terms-conditions/