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Heathrow Airport & St Luke’s launch ‘On-This-Day’ festive ad

Heathrow launches three Christmas films for 2023 focusing on how the most special festive memories are those made with loved ones.

Heathrow Airport Christmas Adverts 2023

Aldi, Asda, TK Maxx, Sainsbury’s – the list of Christmas adverts released could go on and on BUT Heathrow has taken it one step further and released no one, not even two but THREE festive flicks.

Focusing on the intimate moments between travellers departing on their festive journeys and the memories they go on to make. In the first advert, a young couple is inspired to look forward to future holidays together after seeing another older couple at the airport.

The second ad, titled “Arrival“, centres around a multi-generational family about to take a trip to New Delhi. Amidst the hubbub of the family sharing a pre-fight meal at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food, a photo triggers a memory of a similar trip they took seven years ago. As they look back on this moment together, some exciting news from the young couple gives them all something to look forward to. 

The third film, “Keepsake“, focuses on a father and daughter as they share a heartfelt moment reminiscing about their dearly departed loved one. The young woman gets upset until her father passes her a handkerchief that belonged to Granddad – to which she reveals she’s already wearing his lucky coin around her neck on a necklace chain. They raise a toast: “Grandad – always with us”. This film was shot in the world-exclusive Fortnum & Mason bar at T5.

Meenal Varsani, Heathrow’s Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement, says: “Travelling during the festive season imbues a special meaning to the journey: the people you travel to see, and travel with.  In our new campaign ‘On this day’ different traveller memories are celebrated as new experiences and memories are made”. 

If one advert wasn’t enough we now have three!