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How to draw a Snowman in 10 easy steps

Unleash your Christmas creativity with our ten simple steps to draw a snowman. Let’s turn your imagination into snowy artistry!

Picture of snowmen


As soon as we see the first flake fall, we’re straight outside to start building our masterpiece of a snowman but why let the fun stop there? why not put crayons/pens on paper and draw your very own frosty?!

Even in the coldest of seasons, warmth can be found in the simple joys of creativity and community which is why we wanted to bring you a super simple easy guide on how to draw a snowman.

How To Draw A Snoman:

Step 1

Draw a large circle for the base of the snowman’s body, and make it as big as you want!

Step 2

Draw a slightly smaller circle on top of the first for the middle section, this will be the tummy where you can don your snowman with buttons or draw a shirt design for more laughter.

Step 3

Draw a smaller circle on top for the head. Make it a big enough size so you can colour in!

Step 4

Draw a carrot-shaped triangle for the nose under the head circle.

Step 5

Draw two small circles above the nose for the eyes, and several small circles or dots under the nose for the smiling mouth.

Step 6

Draw a curved line above the head circle, then a smaller circle on top to make a hat.

Step 7

Draw curved lines coming out from the sides of the head for the scarf ends.

Step 8

Draw stick figures coming out from the middle section for the arms, using lines or small circles at the ends for the hands. In turn, find some oddly shaped twigs and stick them in place.

Step 9

Draw several circles or buttons down the middle of the body.

Step 10

Colour your snowman drawing with crayons, markers or coloured pencils.

A drawing of a snowman

If you’re looking for the perfect recipe for holiday fun and keeping the kids entertained then adding this dash of creativity to the to-do list ticks all the boxes.

There’s something magical about putting pencil to paper and bringing imagination to life, especially when surrounded by the warmth and spirit of Christmas. With the Christmas tree as your backdrop, let your creativity run wild as you sketch whimsical scenes of Santa and his reindeer, snow-covered landscapes, and festive decorations galore.