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Its Time To Countdown The 1920s Top 10 Music Chart…

Gather around the Gramophone, turn up the volume and get ready to have a swingin’ time as we count down our top 10 chart hits from the roaring twenties era.

Nowadays you can turn on the TV, Radio, Internet, iPod or our phones to listen to  our favourite shows as they countdown the top 10 most popular songs of the week, but back in the 1920’s there was no Radio 1 Top 40 UK chart show to listen to – yes OneDirectioners we hear your shock! so take a look at our top 10 hits from the twenties.

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In at number 10 we have the classic Three O’Clock In The Morning by Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra, while we do appreciate that you won’t be doing Gangnan Style to this 1920s hit, we can see people doing a very elegant waltz.

In at number 9 is Gene Austin with My Blue Heaven, a hit in its day and a number one for 13 weeks and stayed in the charts for 26 weeks!

Next up at number 8 we have a classic Christmas carol, Ding Dong Merrily On High which is still played through-out houses and sang at carol concerts today.

Strolling in at number 7 is another hit by Paul Whiteman who was dubbed King Of Jazz with Whisperings, so make way Harry Connick Jr and take note from the King Of Jazz himself and flap onto the dance floor for this snazzy number.

Lucky number 6 is April Showers by Al Jolson, as he sings in the Broadway show ‘Bombo’ which showcased Jolson, so grab your microphones and sing along to this classic song.

Number 5 in our roaring twenties chart is It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’ by Wendell Woods Hall, we can already hear your toes tapping to the beat of this tune.

Skipping in at number 4 is Ben Selvin’s Dardenella.   Selvin was known as ‘The Dean Of Recorded Music’  put your glad rags on and hit the dance floor with this number.

Twirling in at number three, Sophie Tucker’s Some of These Days is sliding in at number 3 with her finger-clicking tune, so grab yourself a hot cup of joe and settle down to hear this song.

Our number 2 – We’re getting close to number one in our chart but which hit has made it to number two, narrowly missing out on the number one position? Its….Ted Lewis with When My Baby Smiles at Me, so grab  your dance partner and hit the dance floor with this fun jazz number.

So now we have reached the number 1 but who has made it to the very top of our countdown? Drum-roll please…..It’s none other than Vernon Dalhart with The Prisoner’s song, why not download these songs by clicking the link.  Released in 1925 you can listen to te song below from YouTube.


Tune in next time for some toe-tapping tunes and find out which artist has made it to number one!

Why not take part in UnderTheChristmasTree ByGone Christmases by telling us what song or hits you feel should have been in our top ten countdown below.

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