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Lego Lord of the Rings Video Game Confirmed

Just as we predicted a few months ago Warner Bros will release a Lego Lord of the Rings video game sometime in October 2012.

The new packaging for Lego’s LOTR toys inspired by the three Peter Jackson movies which was based on the books confirmed every fan’s thoughts of a video game as logos from Traveller’s Tales and Warner have been featured on the box.

The new Lego Lord of the Rings will likely be unveiled at the E3 video games exhibition but a poster has been crawling around a few sites including AllGamesBeta and Gamespot.

The image shows three of the main characters – Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey and Aragon. Frodo has The Ring around his neck while Aragon carry’s his sword and Gandalf his staff!

Just as tempted as Boromir was for The Ring we simply cannot wait for this game to be released and if other Lego games such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and even a Batman 2 game – although this has not yet been confirmed are anything to go buy this will be one of the most sought after games for Christmas.

Although we are unsure if the Lord of the Rings Lego game will be turned into either three different games – one for each of the movies / books or if Warner Bros will decide on one for the entire Trilogy we can take a slight guess – (but we are not as good as guessing as Gandalf’s nose) that there is likely to be one for each of the movies but we will ensure and keep you up-to-date with the latest release information.

As far as what format the game will be launched in we can already guess that it will be available for Nintendo Wii, 3DS and WiiU, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and PC.

Who knows what the fate of Middle Earth will be with the new LOTR game – will Boromir not succumb to the powers of The Ring? Can Frodo and Sam save Middle Earth? or can a Dwarf ever be defeated by a Elf?

Tell us what you think Lego will put in the game, are you excited for the release? We think that this is such a huge franchise that not only will the game help boost The Hobbit film which is due out in December but fans will definitely want this to be part of their collection.

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