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Meccano Evolution Helicopter 868210

Organise air sea rescues with the Meccano Evolution Helicopter which we were kindly sent to review and which features:

  • 6V motor
  • accessories included
  • 620+ pieces
  • age 10+
  • batteries required
  • RRP £89.99

A ‘shout’ has gone out – a boat is in distress and a passenger has fallen overboard. There’s no time to lose, the temperature of the water is close to zero and time is of an essence, this person will need emergency, possibly even life-saving help.

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The pilot is already on his way, he knows that his evolution 8210 helicopter will get him there faster than any other copter. In no time he’s hovering above the floundering man and drops his winch as close as he possibly can.

Fortunately his co-pilot is a life saving ninja and knows just how to handle this situation. Periously hanging on with just one hand, the pilot lowers him closer to the water and he manages to catch hold of the floundering man. Jack, the pilot, wastes no time and quickly hoists them back to safety before heading off to the local hospital who are already primed awaiting their arrival.

They quickly head over to the available helipad, situated close the the hospital’s emergency admissions centre and make as soft a landing as possible. The doctors and nurses are waiting and soon the injured passenger is heading into hospital.

Jack the pilot and Will, his co pilot, are so glad that they could help and as they fly back to headquarters they both know that without their Evolution Helicopter this rescue would not have had such a good outcome.

Could you do what Jack and Will did? Will you save a life using your helicopter flying skills? Only those who have built the 620 piece Meccano Evolution Helicopter will ever know! Will you be one of them?

Build your meccano helicopter using the easy to understand instructions in the box, starting as always from the bottom up, checking as you go that the mechanical parts work correctly before yuo finally put it all together. With loads of exciting, working features, the Helicopter is activated by a 6V motor and 4 x AA batteries will be required. This kit can make two different versions of the Helicopter and instruction for version 1 are included in the box. If you wish to make version 2, you can download the instructions from the Meccano website at www.meccano.com.

Measuring H35, W50, D8cm, this set will put kids age 10+ skills to the test and will make a great addition to any Meccano collection.

Build and organise your own air rescue operations with your motorised life saving helicopter from Meccano which measures H35, W50, D8cm, and will put those age 10+ skills to the test. Will you be able to take off, stabilise in the air and lower your helicopter winch for a successful rescue?

Reviews for the Evolution Helicopter

If you already own this huge 620+ set why not get in touch below and tell us what you thought of it.

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