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Meet Louie – Harrods 2022 Christmas Bear

Get ready to swoon over Harrod’s most nostalgic and adorable Christmas bear yet – Meet Louie, the gorgeous and irresistibly cuddly teddy you’ll want this year.

Harrods Christmas Bear 2022 - Louie

SHOP NOW Harrods Louie Christmas Bear £35

It’s less than six months until Christmas, and we couldn’t be more excited especially as Harrod’s has just released its annual collectable Christmas Bear for 2022 – Louie and he’s simply adorable.

Dressed in his festive green (Harrods iconic green hue) knitted jacket, which was inspired by the first Harrods Christmas Bear back in 1986, Louie won’t feel the cold this Winter as he awaits Santa’s sleighbells.

Louie - Harrods Christmas Bear 2022

His soft (custard-cream-ish) furry coat will certainly be your new best friend come the cold winter night.

We know The Royals love a Harrod’s shop so could Prince Louis add Prince Louie to his Santa’s wish list this year? we think so!

SHOP NOW Harrods Louie Christmas Bear £35

As always, the Harrods signature has been embroidered in gold into his super-soft left foot and will be available for £35.

Louie - Harrods Christmas Bear 2022 Harrods Signature

If you collect the bears and already have Benedict, Hugh, Joshua, Nicholas, and last year’s Angus, Prince Louie will once again create more new and magical moments.