Popular Christmas Annuals of the 1980’s

The 1980’s saw the popularity in Annuals rise, as part of our ByGone Christmases we take a look at some….

Possibly not the most exiting item that Santa slipped into your pile of Christmas presents for Christmas morning – but Christmas wasn’t complete without a pile of annuals.

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Annuals were as much a part of Christmas as turkey and trifle. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane with the top Christmas annuals of the eighties.

As the day went on,  it was the new roller skates that took pride of place and it wasn’t until  Mum and Dad settled down with a well earned sherry to watch some of their favourite Christmas day TV shows that these most important gifts, which had been left undisturbed under the christmas tree, came into their own.  As you pore through the pages you enter a world all of your own as you catch up on the exploits of your favourite comic characters.


Annuals were more than hardbacked Christmas day comics, music annuals such as Top of the Pops were huge favourites and Shoot the football annual was always a big seller.  Everyone had their favourite from Bunty to the Beano there was a Christmas Annual for everyone.


As the year was quickly drawing to a close when annuals hit their peak selling time, printers dated the front cover with the following year – so the Victoria Plum annual 1983 would be given as a gift at Christmas 1982 – no wonder kids got confused.


Did these annual covers ring a bell? Get in touch below and tell us about your favourite Christmas annuals.

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