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There Once Was A Bear Who Had Never Seen Christmas…

There once was a Bear who had never seen Christmas, aww –  how sad is that?

Fear not, you can turn that frown, upside down, because John Lewis has played Santa and given the bear his first Christmas experience!

Following last year’s successful tear jerker, and yes, I was one of those wiping away a few (okay lots of) tears every time the ad came on TV, and this year they’ve done it again.

This time it’s “The Bear and the Hare” that had me sniffing quietly in the corner.

The advert show’s an unusual friendship between a large, brown, friendly bear and a small furry hare.  As the snow gently falls, the bear heads off, alone, into the distance and as he lays his head down to sleep, all the other animals excitedly await Christmas morning.

As he sleeps, his friend, the hare,  quietly leaves him a present, all wrapped neatly with Christmas paper.  Waking from his sleep, the bear opens his surprise gift, to find an alarm clock with a countdown to Christmas.  Now fully awake, he leaves his cave and heads off to revisit his friend, the Hare, and joins all the other animals as they celebrate Christmas.

We love watching this heartwarming ad, and it always brings a lump to our throat and leaves us with sparkly (teary) eyes.  The John Lewis Christmas advert is now ‘the one’ that says “IT’S CHRISTMAS” and we love it!

Share the Bear and the Hare story with your children by downloading John Lewis’ E-book.  You’ll also be delighted to know that there is also a range of Bear and the Hare products available which will include, the alarm clock which featured in the advert and a bear and the hare onesie.

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What a perfect way to send them off to bed on Christmas Eve, wearing their onesie and knowing that the alarm clock will ring to tell them Santa’s been and it’s time to get everyone out of bed.

Is this the best John Lewis advert yet?  Do get in touch and let us know if you managed to stay dry eyed the first time you saw it.

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