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Toys R Us Hot Toy Reservation not for the UK

Kids toys retailer have said they have ‘no plans’ to offer its toy reservation service for British shoppers.

Toys R us announced their new service which will let US parents reserve this years most wanted toys before Christmas with just a few clicks of your mouse, good idea right? well not for us British customers.

The toy giant have stated they have ‘no plans’ to bring this to the UK, so you better be at the ready for all of the Christmas rush.

In the United States mums and dads will be able to reserve from a list of 50 nominated toys so they do not have to be frantically searching in the days leading up to the festive holiday.

Well we suppose screaming at the screen, or queuing up for hours with aching feet to be told there are none left in stock is all part of the Christmas spirit… we think we might need a few extra bottles of mulled wine!

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