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Why should we start planning for Christmas now?

With only 4 months to go why should we start planning for Christmas now?

Although it still seems so far away, planning your Christmas now will take the stress out of your Christmas preparations and singing along to your favourite Christmas song will make cleaning the house so much easier.


Getting organised earlier also has it’s advantages and will help make the run up to Christmas less stressful and much easier. Plan ahead and put the excitement back into the Christmas season, enjoy adding special little notes to family and friends and if you’re at all crafty why not make your own festive cards.

The dreaded Christmas list is still a good way off, so start listening to what TV adverts the kids are talking about and take a look around the internet for the best prices. Budgeting for Christmas can be a bit of a hassle, but putting a little aside every week will help cover the cost of those ‘must have’ top toys that will doubtless be on their Christmas list for Santa.


Don’t forget to take a look around the sales – you might be quite surprised at just how much you could save by buying early. We have our very own FIVE weekly Christmas deals which we scurry through the web to find you so you can start your shopping now.

Looking ahead and perhaps wanting to grow your own Christmas day dinner, we’ve also go that covered as expert shared their advice on how to grow your own this festive season.

As for the home new trends are always popping their heads up but earlier in the year we spoke to UK interior experts who also shared what they think will be some of the hottest trends this 2018.

We’d love to know when you start your Christmas shopping, you can let us know using the comments section below.

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