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Christmas Gift Review 2022: Yankee Candle Advent Book & Snow Globe Wonderland Candle

You’ll certainly feel as though you are walking in a Winter wonderland with Yankee Candle’s new Snow Globe Wonderland collection, here Katy reviews her top picks.

Yankee Candle Snow Globe Wonderland Collections 2022

Katy said “There’s something comforting and homely about candles, they simply make me feel warm and cosy, which is part of the reason why every year I love to see what new scents and designs Yankee brings out for Christmas.

And this year has not disappointed, I’ll begin with my favourite Advent from the brand, which costs £39.99 (a tad more expensive than last year) the 2022 Snow Globe Wonderland Advent book which has a gorgeous design of festive botanicals, icicles and layered snowflakes, it reminded me of crunchy frosty mornings when I was younger.

2022 Snow Globe Wonderland Advent book

First off, most advents have a bow you untie to open and if you’re like me you can never tie it back to the professional style it arrived BUT Yankee had made quite the gamechanger as you don’t need to go near the bow to open as its held closed with an elasticated band, with a bow attached.

Snow Globe Wonderland Advent book opening

Opening up like a (very BIG) book you were instantly hit with festive feels as the aromas were so nice. I loved the simplistic and elegant design of hanging baubles and sprigs of Holly which greeted me inside.

The days are pretty easy to find as they are clearly marked and when pushing open each of the windows I was pleased to see that they didn’t rip or tear, which a lot of advents do.

Plus, the products stayed in their place, with no moving around or breaking which can be frustrating. Now, I’m not going to spoil what’s behind each door but I will give a “little” insight as to what you can expect to get with the Yankee Advent Book.

Snow Globe Wonderland Advent book opened

Each day you will receive either a Filled Votive Candle or a Scented Tea Light Candle in one of the new festive fragrances including Peppermint Pinwheels and Snowflake Kisses.

Final thoughts? Gorgeous design, not lacking in products and is a decoration all on its own, this really is an advent to spoil yourself with this Christmas.

You can buy the Yankee Candle Advent Book for £39.99 here at the Yankee Candle website

Moving onto Yankee’s brand new festive candles which for me really are the most magical yet and are now available in new signature jars.

It’s five new fragrances all aiming to give you scents of a perfect winter’s day come in Original Jars (Large, Medium and Small), votives, wax melts and our favourite brand new Signature jars which are simply gorgeous.

Yankee Candle 2022 - Snow Globe Wonderland 2022 Collection

Here in the office, we tried the medium double-wick Snow Globe Wonderland candle. Popping open the air-tight lid, I couldn’t stop smelling the candle, it really did give me snow day vibes.

Snow Globe Wonderland candle

As it was a double wick I was impressed with how evenly it burned and no burnt black stuff got around the glass jar. As for the scent, well you can’t beat it really, not overpowering and you could really smell the icy mint and cedarwood which actually balanced each other out very well.

Snow Globe Wonderland double wick candle

As always with Yankee Candles the scent filled the room for a long time! Overall I can’t wait to purchase more of the new range to try plus I can safely say I’ll be popping a few of these into stocking this Christmas.”

Yankee Candle’s new Signature Jars are available to buy now for £27.99