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10 Signs Christmas has officially ARRIVED in Britain

Sorry to all the Grinch’s out there, but Christmas has truly arrived in Britain and we’ve got 10 indisputable signs to prove this. So tie down the sleigh and get ready for some yule-tide fun.

Bye-bye Halloween, Hello CHRISTMAS!

10 signs Christmas has officially arrived

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1. Towns & Cities have already been setting up its Christmas lights.

Dates and times for a host of UK town’s and cities Christmas switch ons have already been revealed including which celebrity will turn them on. Already many people have spotted decorations being tried and tested in their local town or city.

Image of christmas decorations
Image credit: GoranH via Pixabay

2. Clocks are going back this weekend.
Hello to an extra hour in our beds! Yes the clocks will officially go back on October 28th at 2am so don’t forget to change your clocks.

3. Dates for nearly all the UK Christmas markets have been confirmed.

Are you ready for days filled with mulled wine, shopping and carols? as UK Christmas markets have announced its dates. From Edinburgh to Manchester. See our FULL list here.

Image of Christmas towns and citys decorating
Image credit: Gellinger via Pixabay

4. Christmas adverts have hit our TV screens

You’ve probably noticed all the early bird festive adverts which have now aired including Studio24, SCS and of course all those toy ads to give Santa a helping hand.

5. Festive flicks are now airing

We’ve so far seen Movies24 turn to Christmas24, Home Alone was on Channel 5 last week and True Christmas has begun. Our planners are already getting full!.

6. Snow for the big day predictions are now in.

This year the UK has experienced definite seasons, from a hot Summer to a now chilly Autumn, so it’s no wonder bookies are already placing odds for a White Christmas on the big day. See the predictions here.

Image of snowflakes
Image credit: jill111 via Pixabay

7. Supermarkets are stocking their festive food offerings.

Christmas aisles and food selections have been popping up everywhere, and rightfully so.  There’s only a short while to eat as many mince pies as possible and we think Tesco has the best.  See our taste test results here.

8. X Factor & Strictly Come Dancing live shows are on.

When the live shows hit our screens this signals Christmas will be with us VERY soon. Both shows will finish close to the big day and a Strictly Come Dancing special is likely for BBC One.

9. The days until Christmas are now down to double digits, which means it’s acceptable to get excited, like we haven’t been since last Christmas.

Image of Santa Claus is coming to town


10. Winter warmers including Costa Coffee have announced it’s new drinks menu!

Image of Costa Coffee Christmas range
Image credit: Costa Coffee

From Costa Coffee announcing it’s new drinks menu for 2018 including Caramelised Orange & Cream Hot Chocolate.

The list could go on and on but we’ll stop there!

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