A Trip Down A Seventies Christmas Lane

It’s great fun looking back at Christmases in the seventies, the time of huge flares and checked shirts, who didn’t hope to find these under the tree on christmas morning?

Elaine fromUnderTheChristmasTree takes a trip down memmory lane into what she thought of Christmas in the 70s when she was a child.

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Perhaps it was the latest Bay City Roller’s album that topped your wish list but for meĀ  I always looked forward to the tangerine in my stocking and sitting with my parents tuning into Morcambe and Wise on the telly.

Christmas dinner was always after the Queen’s speech at 3.00pm and the sparkle of the fairy lights on the Christmas tree added to the atmosphere.

No matter your age, either hauling the Christmas tree down from the dusty loft or bringing a new one home from stores such as Woolworths was great fun and we all looked forward to it

Mum falling out with Dad in an effort to rearrange the room for the tree and lights being checked for broken bulbs – I think we spent more on replacement fairy light bulbs every year than we would have on a new set of lights.

The tree, in our house it was a 6ft artificial green Christmas tree, sat in the corner, decorated to within an inch of it’s life and balancing often precariously on the plastic feet that came in the box.

I remember feeling envious of my friend because her mum had bought a 3ft silver tree that sat up on a table – the ultimate in 70’s Christmas chic.

Every year we went shopping for some new decorations, not that we didn’t have more than enough, but new designs were arriving and of course, we needed them for the tree.

Back home and the old record box – Dad had by this time removed the record player but saved the box, was brought down and Christmas decorations dating back to when Adam was a boy were ooh’d and ahh’d over.

Tinsel, multi coloured and silver were replaced every year and lametta, who could forget those shiny silver strands that made your tree look so fashionable, was a must have.

The whole room was festooned with colourful, shiny, decorations that stretched from corner to corner often criss -crossing each other and the piece-de-resistance, the coloured, paper bell that arrived folded flat but opened up and when both edges were joined together it became a thing of beauty, at least that’s what my parents thought.

More of these flat packed paper decorations were drawing pinned to the ceiling and spray snow decorated the windows turning the sitting room into a winter wonderland.

Funnily enough, I have no recollection of any decorations being put anywhere else in the house. Thinking back, I don’t remember any of the houses, I lived in an end terraced house in a council housing scheme, having a holly wreath on their front door, something that is commonplace now.

Forty years down the road and my family almost copies what I did at Christmas back in the seventies, only the style has changed – and the lametta has gone!

Do you have memories of a 1970s Christmas?

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