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Add a natural scent to your home

Each season you will want your home to have a different feel, look and of course smell, however finding a natural scent to fit the season and look of your home can leave you with headaches and every room smelling differently.

Pull out those over-powering plug ins, which squirt you every time you walk past and tip out what can only be described as old and discoloured potpourri and replace them with a natural smelling candle.

Just because it’s almost autumn that doesn’t mean you need to fill your home with strong ‘leaves’ or ‘rainy day’ smells, who would want that? Start searching through different collections and different themes to get that natural scent to your home.

Yankee Candles are a personal favourite and not just because of the Christmas scenes on the front of the jars, they burn for hours and really do put off the smell you would expect.

UnderTheChristmasTree picked three Christmas candles from last years collection for Autumn which we were kindly sent (yes we said Christmas scents in Autumn) why? because the three we chose smell earthy, the colours of the candle worked in the room and simply because we want a bit of  festive cheer every month of the year.

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You can view a huge selection of Yankee Candles here: Amazon.co.uk Yankee Range

Apple and Pine Needle Medium jar – The dark forest green colour set in the transparent glass jar will automatically make you think of the darker and cooler nights.  Pine needles may remind you of your tree but actually pines do start to fall in the autumn, are we clutching at straws? back to the candle, it has a strong smell so if you aren’t to keen on strong smelling products this may be one to avoid or if you have a hall, place the candle there and it will go right throughout your house.

Once burning it only took around ten minutes before you could start smelling the apple and cedarwood, our jar lasted us around 2 and a half weeks burning for about 4 hours each day – which is a lot but we wanted to see exactly how long the candle and smell would last throughout the day, you will get longer if you burn for less each day.

Cranberry Ice and Snow in Love – If you like sweet smelling products you will love these. Cranberry Ice (we got it in small jar) is designed to leave your home with a fruity, tangy, sweet smell which we can say it did, its not too overpowering but will get rid of unwanted odours and burned for around 33 hours (we used it all the time).

Snow in Love has a soft fluffy marshmallow colour to it and you may find it difficult to see the wick as it blends in so well.  We felt it had the perfect blend of sweet and fresh and gave off a minty, woody smell (if that is possible!) and like all the Yankee candles the smell held through the house.  If you are not keen on cinnamon this would make a perfect alternative.  You will get a very homely feel from this and will burn for around 25-40 hours if used a lot.

We love the Yankee candles range and put them on our Christmas lists every year.  The fact that the glass jar acts as a  self-contained holder ensuring no horrible marks on your furniture and makes them a safer option.  The lids seals tightly back on ensuring the fragrance is locked tightly in until you burn next time round.

TIP:  To get a homely scent why not try the tarts first, see which one you prefer and get most compliments on then buy the medium jar and even stepping up to the large versions.

Adding a natural scent to your home is all about your own preference not theme so get your  nose at the ready and start sniffing those candles!

What fragrances make your home have a natural scent? Do you have a favourite smell? Comment using our comments box below.
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