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Aldi launches Tiramisu Ballycastle for Christmas

Christmas begins early at Aldi, as two exciting additions are to join the Ballycastle best-sellers range including a tipsy twist on Italy’s iconic Tiramisu!

Aldi Ballycastle Tiramisu Country Cream

If it wasn’t enough that John Lewis has now opened its Christmas store, and UK supermarkets including Tesco and Asda have launched what it will offer this holiday season then just wait until you see what Aldi has in store.

From the 11th of September, two NEW indulgent Ballycastle Cream Liqueurs will be added to its award-winning cream liqueurs range for just £7.79 and just wait until you see them.

If you love to devour Tiramus any time of the year, Aldi’s boozy take on the iconic Italian dessert boasts the perfect blend of velvety chocolate, rich coffee, sponge fingers and Irish Cream, Yum!

Aldi Tiramisu Ballycastle Country Cream

How about a boozy caramac inspired Ballycastle? that’s right! the UK supermarket will also launch the Ballycastle Blonde Chocolate Cream Liqueur which is set to be a huge hit especially as it’s £2.71 cheaper than the M&S equivalent.

Aldi Blonde Chocolate Ballycastle Country Cream

These are not the first Ballycastle sweet-inspired cream liqueurs as the brand also launched its hugely popular Chocolate, Caramel & Hazelnut Cream last year which tasted like the purple one from Quality Streets.

Aldi’s Tiramisu and Blonde Chocolate Ballycastle Cream Liqueurs will land on 11th September and we bet even Kevin the Carrot will be sipping on one of these bad boys this Christmas.