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Boots ‘Bags of Joy’ 2021 Christmas Advert is here

Boots has just landed its ‘Bags of Joy’ Christmas advert which sees Jenna Coleman starring as Joy who has a very magical bag indeed.

Watch the full Boots Christmas advert 2021 below:

Major players in the Christmas advert game, John Lewis, TK Maxx, M&S just to name a few have all launched this year’s festive ads, so we’re nowhere near surprised Boots have also just unveiled its new campaign, and it’s already becoming a fan favourite from this year picks.

Boots 'Bags of Joy' 2021 Christmas Advert


Starring Doctor Who star, Jenna Coleman, as Joy the advert tells the story of her and one very magical bag given to her by her nana, wields the power to make her Christmas truly magical and delivers the perfect gifts to her friends and family at every opportunity.

Jenna Coleman Boots 'Bags of Joy' 2021 Christmas Advert

In a Mary Poppins sort of way, her bag has never-ending magical properties as it begins to produce gifts like a Fenty Skin set and a Dyson hairdryer. Astonished, she tips the bag out onto the bed and leaps delightedly into a huge pile of Boots products, more than could ever fit in one bag.

Boots 'Bags of Joy' Christmas Advert

Jenna Coleman commented: “I love Christmas and I’ve always loved Christmas films. Working on ‘bags of Joy’ with Tom, and the beautiful imagination he brought, creating this magical little film felt really special. Celebrating family, togetherness and the simple joy of giving mixed with a healthy dose of festive magic and charm felt so poignant this year. I hope people enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.”

The ‘Bags of Joy’ will air for the first time on TV on Saturday 6th November during the Jonathan Ross Show on ITV.