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TK Maxx ‘WALK THIS WAY’ Christmas 2021 advert is here

TK Maxx has unveiled its all-singing, all-dancing Christmas advert for 2021 and this year is all about encouraging you to take “Christmas to the Maxx”

Watch the TK Maxx 2021 Christmas Advert below:

OK, so November 4th 2021 should be called Christmas Advert DAY as so far we’ve seen John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Boots and now TK Maxx dropping its festive adverts and we’re pretty impressed by them all so far.

Like last year, TK Maxx has brought something different to the table this festive season and we love it.

“Christmas to the Maxx” tell the story of teenage boy Laurie who is getting ready to perform a Christmas comeback concert in his local town hall which is packed full to the brim of people eager to see locals showcase their talents.

TKMaxx - Christmas to the Maxx Christmas Advert 2021
Image credit: TK Maxx

As Laurie steps onto the stage, he is understandably nervous and ends up hitting some off key-note on his organ.

TKMaxx - Christmas to the Maxx Christmas Advert
Image credit: TK Maxx

Feeling crestfallen, he stops playing and drops his head, however looking at his feet he is reminded of his favourite (early) gift given to him by his parents gave him the confidence to have another go at performing – his designer boots!

TKMaxx - Christmas to the Maxx Christmas Advert 2021 - Laurie Boots
Image credit: TK Maxx

Laurie begins to play a few notes of an iconic song which the audience instantly recognises, his confidence grown and before we know it, he jumps up and lands his feet on the organ keys and rocks out a note-perfect cover version of Walk This Way using his shiny-booted feet and the audience goes wild!

TKMaxx - Christmas to the Maxx Christmas Advert 2021 - Audience
Image credit: TK Maxx

The UK retailer wanted to capture how a truly thoughtful gift can go a long way: Deborah Dolce, Group Director at TK Maxx comments: “We want to celebrate what we hope will be a Christmas of joyful optimism – with community, family and fun at its heart. This charming ad is an upbeat, colourful and super-shiny reminder that when you find the right gift for someone, and it’s special to them, the impact and happiness you might create know no bounds.

TKMaxx - Christmas to the Maxx Christmas Advert 2021 - Laurie
Image credit: TK Maxx

Laurie will also be lending his support to TK Maxx’s Christmas charitable initiative – Dance, Donate, Nominate – where people can copy Laurie performing a specially choreographed dance routine, share their own attempt and then nominate a friend or family member to do the same while donating to charity.

We’re ready to get the air-guitar out NOW!…