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Christmas songs are some of the most sung in the shower

Let the Christmas classics play out loud the next time you take a shower as according to new research festive songs made the top 30 tunes we like to belt out when we’re in the shower.

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Turns out singing in the shower to pretend sold-out shows whilst drinking a beer is something us Brits simply love to do according to new research.

ShowerstoYou.co.uk surveyed over three thousand people to see which artists we like to perform the most and what songs made the top 30.

It’s of no surprise that Beyonce was the go-to artist with 91% of participants saying they perform her songs in the shower. However much to our delight, three, yes THREE, Christmas tunes also made it into the top 30 most popular songs to belt out and no they didn’t ask our office team!

Christmas music
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The most popular choice was, of course, a classic – Last Christmas by Wham! with 29%, second most popular was, All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey (24%) and third – Fairytale of New York (19%) – probably more will sing this after the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special aired on BBC.

The poll also showed that over 60% of people have drunk beer in the shower and 82% like to act out scenarios such as creating a movie scene, ahh the blissful thought of remaking White Christmas…

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With Alexa-enabled showerheads now existing and allowing people to perform in the shower, there isn’t a better time to practice for the next big carol concert.

So whether you enjoy a bit of soft jingle bell rock as you soak up, or perhaps some classic carols as you relax, the shower is the best place to let your hair down and be merry.

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