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John Lewis 2021 Christmas Advert Prediction

It’s that time of the year again where our “mince-spies” eyes cast an in-depth look at the clues & hints of what we think will be John Lewis 2021 Christmas advert.

John Lewis Christmas Advert Prediction

We all know the high-street shop’s advert has become a staple of the Christmas calendar and although details are being kept firmly under wraps, we just can’t help but share our prediction on what this year’s ad will be, so we’ve rounded up all the clues we have found and although we’ve been wrong every year, is our luck about to change? We’d like to think so.

As you already know, UnderTheChristmasTree loves predicting the John Lewis & Partners Christmas advert to get you into the pre, pre, PRE Christmas mood and this year, we spotted one or two hints and clues.

Let’s start with exactly what we know, Themes: Snow Mountain, Gemstone Forest, Luxe City, Copper River, Blush Coast, Technicolour Supernature and Festive Field, the UK retailer said that these themes were inspired by bringing the outdoors we’ve enjoyed so much indoors, could this be a clue to this years advert where animals and the environment takes centre stage?

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2021

Baubles and decorations, like last year and all previous years, you could buy exclusive ad merch, so in true, mince “spie” from, we, of course, scoured its online Christmas shop for any possible hints, so far we think we may have spotted one or two wildlife decorations which may lend itself to its advert plus also noted his favourites from the collection included a Puffin.

John Lewis 2021 Puffin

Music: So far we’ve noticed that 3 out of the 10 songs used in John Lewis Christmas ads were from B-sides and only two artists (Ellie Goulding 2010) and last years song by Bastille were in the charts on that year. This year, we’ve got our eyes on Adele who has already been tipped as a favourite as she launches her new album, however, we’re also leaning towards ABBA, Rod Stewart and perhaps Jack Savoretti or even Coldplay.

Social Media: Every year, around this time, social media (especially Twitter) is ablaze with JL Christmas advert predictions, and with the year we’re having it’s no wonder people already are looking forward to the advert, even more, so far, Gary Barlow has been getting a lot of heat for the song but no real predictions on what might be in the advert have been mentioned…

Events & News: Right now global leaders are gathering together in Glasgow to discuss and put into action plans to help tackle the climate issues we are facing. Could this also feature in the upcoming ad? well, we think so…

So let us begin our FULL prediction (and we’re sure we’ve finally guessed it) for the 2021 John Lewis Christmas advert:

This Christmas, we predict that this years advert will all surround what the human race is doing to our planet and how it affects everyone and everything. The advert will begin in the Arctic where a polar bear watches as his home starts to melt away because of climate change, as the friendly polar bear begins a journey to try and find a new home, he comes across a family of penguins who are lost as they have left the Antarctic due to snow melting away and temperatures rising.

As they hop on the Polar Bears back, they go on a magical journey where (yes they can fly) they go around the world witnessing and coming across other wildlife and areas which are all being affected by climate change including a friendly Puffin, a roaring tiger and a trip through the rainforest, however, they also spot how humankind is learning and trying to to do their part for the environment especially children.

The story will finish with both animals back in their proper environment witnessing that the changes we are doing are making a difference, all while (either Adele or Coldplay) will sing a newly released version of Come Together with a percentage of earnings going to WWF.

How did we come to this conclusion? easy, climate change is affecting us all and it would make good sense to use this platform and time of the year to show how coming together to do more will help everyone. Plus, we also found a HUGE selection of Polar Bear and Penguins on the JL website.

John Lewis Christmas 2021 decorations