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Kids love to tidy their bedroom?

According to a recent survey an impressive 24% of British kids love to tidy!

You will need to look twice to believe this, A new recent survey conducted by Feather & Black (children’s bedroom company) state 24% of British kids love helping Mum and Dad with daily chores, however this also means many children are less inclined to help, as 25% of British parents report that their child never help out at home.

Here is a breakdown of who love to clean and who doesn’t:

Never (25%) and every fortnight (25%)
Daily (24%)
Every couple of months (14%)
Once a month (4%)

If these stat’s didn’t surprise you then this will, a whopping 48% of parents who are age 18-34 years make sure their little mite helps out compared
to 14% of 55+ parents.

Adam Black, MD of Feather & Black, says: “If parents think pragmatically about bedroom storage, chores don’t need to be a bore for kids. Feather & Black, has a range of children’s bedroom furniture that is functional, fun and stylish. Using our Salisbury children’s storage bed will certainly help mum and dad, it includes under bed drawers to hide the inevitable clutter and toys.”

The survey was taken by 2000 respondents by Vision Critical.

Visit Feather & Black website: http://www.featherandblack.com/

We wonder what bracket we fell into when we were younger?….. or maybe we don’t want to know!

Does your child/children help out with the housework? Are you winning the “tidy your room” war? Comment us using our comments box below!

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