Prepare for Christmas Day

There’s always such a lot to do on Christmas Eve that we hardly have time to think about ourselves

An organised plan of attack might help.

You’ve already done the huge Christmas shop – how can we need so much food for a couple of days?  Do we really need 3 boxes of after dinner mints? Probably not but at least you know you won’t be caught short.

If possible get someone (your husband, partner, a friend) to take the children for the morning so that they can run around at a park or go for a long walk and you can get tomorrow’s dinner prepared

Prepare all the vegetables, make the soup and prepare the starters.  Tackle the turkey, make the stuffing and prepare the chipolatas cover everything in foil and put them safely in the fridge so they’re ready to put into the oven on Christmas morning.

Your table will be on show tomorrow so make sure you’ve got the table cover ironed, and gather together all the things you’ll need to set the table – you could make a list earlier in the week so all you need do is check it off as you go.

Tomorrow morning will be bedlam with the children excited about Santa’s arrival so again prepare in advance.

Get out the clothes they are going to wear throughout the day and have them hanging on the wardrobe doors ready to put on.

What are you going to wear – it an easy bet to make that you haven’t even thought about yourself – so head on up to your wardrobe and pick yourself something comfortable for present opening first thing and something extra special for Christmas dinner.

Do the same for your partner – if not you’re likely to be the one searching for his/her favourite outfit.

When the kids come home exhausted from their morning out you are so organised that you have time to sit down and chat to them about their exciting day.

Hang up the stockings, put out the milk (whisky in my house) and biscuits for Santa and don’t forget the carrot for the reindeer.

Pop the kids in the bath and into a warm cosy bed where they’ll chat for ages about how they’re going to stay awake till ‘He’ comes.

Read their favourite Christmas story (the Night Before Christmas?) and before you know it their eyes will flicker shut.

Now you’ve got an hour or so to yourself, so take  a seat and grab your favourite tipple (by this time mine is usually a cup of tea!) until it’s time for you to head to bed sure in the knowledge that you are ready for whatever tomorrow brings and that Santa will arrive.

Merry Christmas!!

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